‘How’s Shep Smith Doing?’: Trump Goes on Utterly Bonkers Riff About Fox News and Its ‘Loser Shows’


Picking up where he left off in an afternoon tweet, President Donald Trump went on a bizarre riff about Fox News at a Thursday night rally — after a guest on the network noted his debate performances were received poorly by experts and the public.

Speaking to supporters in Colorado, Trump bemoaned the comments of RealClearPolitics columnist A.B. Stoddard — who told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that the president’s 2016 debate performances were “disastrous.”

“They had a crazy person on today, on one of the Fox shows,” Trump said. “Fox doesn’t treat us the way they used to.”

But Trump went on to shout out the members of the Fox lineup of whom he does approve, including; Sean Hannity (“great”), Brian Kilmeade (“gotten much better”), and Lou Dobbs (also “great”).

Still, though, he lamented, “in the old days, [Fox News] was better for us.”

The President went on to pull out old online surveys from a variety of outlets which were unscientific in order to bolster his false claim that he was deemed to have won “every” debate during the 2016 election cycle. One of the outlets he cited was Time magazine — which, Trump noted, named teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as its 2019 Person of the Year. The rally crowd booed the mention of the 17-year-old Thunberg.

Trump then doubled back to Fox, and noted that the network’s highest rated shows “like Trump,” while its “loser shows” don’t. The President also took a shot at recently departed anchor Shepard Smith (who Trump falsely claimed had been fired from the network).

“Their loser shows are the ones that don’t like Trump,” the President said. “How’s Shep Smith doing by the way?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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