Lindsey Graham Says Americans Have to ‘Accept the Pain’ Caused by Trump’s Trade War


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) acknowledged President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is hurting Americans in his state, but said “we’ve just got to accept the pain.”

“Every Democrat and every Republican of note has said China cheats. The Democrats for years have been claiming that China should be stood up to. Now Trump is and we’ve just got to accept the pain that comes with standing up to China,” Graham told CBS anchor Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday.

“How do you get China to change without create something pain on them and us? I don’t know,” Graham mused.

“How much pain should people of South Carolina be prepared for?” Brennan asked.

“Some,” he responded. “Consumer prices on commodities are going to go up. We’re now at that part in the trade war where you feel price increases at Walmart. The president has backed off because he’s worried about the Christmas shopping season. I’d tell him ‘Mr. President, listen, you have a lot more bullets than they do. The goal is to get them to change their behavior.'”

Graham also acknowledged steel and aluminum tariffs are hurting his state a lot.

“Steel and aluminum tariffs have hurt us a lot,” Graham said. “But the steel and aluminum business has a chance to come back. China produced more steel in one year than the entire world testimony consumed. That’s an unfair trade practice. They should be in the WTO [World Trade Organization] as a developed nation, not a developing nation.”

Watch above, via CBS News.

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