Lou Dobbs Goes Full Dear Leader: Media Ignoring ‘Sunshine Beaming’ Throughout Trump’s ‘Winner Center’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs closed out his show by recounting a visit to the White House with superlatives approaching propaganda levels, praising the “sunshine” in the administration.

“A lot is happening in Washington and across this great country of ours. And it’s because we have a president who is a true leader. And I believe will be regarded as one of this country’s greatest presidents,” he said.

Dobbs, an informal adviser to President Donald Trump, visited the White House this week and was reporting back his findings of the Trump administration on Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday.

Unsurprisingly, Dobbs was extremely positive about what he saw and said the media was ignoring the positives of Trump’s administration.

“The mood in that White House couldn’t be more positive and high energy,” he said. “I have seen a number of White Houses. I saw this one in its early days and I saw it now. The joint is hopping.”

“This White House is energized, there’s sunshine beaming throughout the place and on almost every face. It’s winner and winning center, and our president is at the top of his game … this president is reveling in it all,” Dobbs said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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