MSNBC Panel Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ on Sean Hannity in Expletive-Laden, Marathon Segment: ‘Business Model Built on Lies’


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and her panel went off on Fox News’ Sean Hannity today over his comments decrying those who would call for their political opponents to be jailed, with John Heilemann repeatedly calling “bullshit.”

Wallace said, given how President Donald Trump has talked for years about going after Hillary Clinton, “The notion that Sean Hannity still has the capacity, and maybe he’s worth what they pay him if he can say those things with a straight face, that it makes us a Banana Republic to talk about prosecuting our political rivals.”

Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi said for anyone on Fox News to say that is to “disregard reality.” He said there’s a difference between what Trump said and what Pelosi said, saying all Pelosi’s doing is talking about how to address the criminal conduct raised in the Mueller report.

Former US attorney Joyce Vance said the Hannity quote reveals how “that criticism has hit him close to home” and how they’re trying to fight back.

Heilemann was a little more direct in responding to Hannity:

“I yield to no one in my tendency to call bullshit on people at Fox News when they lie. And so, obviously, Sean’s full of it, right? We talk about the hypocrisy of what was on display with this thing last night, it’s hypocritical, we talk about lunacy…What it mostly is is the relentless disciplined aggressive pursuit of a business model, the business model of Fox News is to create an alternative reality that is destroying the country. And in that alternative reality, Hillary Clinton’s a criminal. She was a criminal from the day that Donald Trump said that thing on stage at the first debate, the second debate in 2016, and at the convention, she’s been a criminal then, she’s a criminal now. They’ve created a world where there are tens of millions of people who think Hillary Clinton’s a criminal. Sean’s not crazy, he gets what he’s doing. That’s his business model.”

Heilemann said Pelosi is facing a political reality “created by Sean Hannity and his business model built on lies and fantasy and hypocrisy and bullshit.”

Wallace agreed about the alternate reality and said “if this is a play, and it’s all bullshit, as you said, the play’s in it’s second season and they’ve actually recast the attorney general… it’s getting more dire.”

He also knocked Bill Barr and said the AG has “embarrassed the Fox News world of bullshit” and added people should be concerned about it.’s Karine Jean-Pierre added that Fox News is a “dangerous political force.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

UPDATE –– 7:25 pm ET: Wallace closed out her show with an apology for the language:

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