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Palm Beach Police Have Reportedly Discussed Trump’s Possible Extradition If He’s Indicted


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Law enforcement officials in Palm Beach County, Florida are reportedly developing a contingency plan in case Donald Trump is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

As the former president continues to wage war with political foes from Mar-a-Lago, Trump and his businesses are still under a grand jury investigation into allegations of banking and tax fraud. This raises the possibility of Trump being extradited to New York if he’s charged with wrongdoing on these matters. Politico reported Thursday that Florida officials are holding discussions about what they would do in that scenario.

According to the report, Florida has an interstate extradition statute that would allow Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) “to intervene and even investigate whether an indicted ‘person ought to be surrendered’ to law enforcement officials from another state.” Trump and DeSantis are known to be allies, and the former has suggested that he would consider the governor as his running mate if he runs for president again — though DeSantis and Trump could also be formidable rivals in 2024.

Politico’s report also noted that conversations about Trump’s extradition from Florida might be a moot point if he relocates to his property in Bedminster, New Jersey while Mar-a-Lago closes for the summer season. This could actually have legal repercussions for Trump: Even though New Jersey has a similar extradition statute, Governor Phil Murphy (D) is less likely than DeSantis to stand in the way of a possible indictment.

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