Trump at Tulsa Rally Calls Coronavirus ‘Kung Flu’, Says He Told Officials to ‘Slow the Testing’


President Donald Trump made it a point to blame China for the Covid-19 outbreak to his Saturday night Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, repeatedly calling it “the Chinese virus” and at one point referring to the disease as “Kung flu.”

“If you could have heard the reports, the reports, oh, it’s Covid — it’s a disease without question that has more names than any disease in history,” Trump said. “I can name Kung flu. I can name 19 different versions of names.”

“Many call it a virus which it is. Many call it a flu. I think we have 19 or 20 versions of the name.”

Trump went to say testing for the virus was a “double-edged sword” because it increases the count of cases in the United States, which leads the world in cases. He claimed the count is inflated by “minor cases” adding “I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.'”

Shortly after Trump made his comments on testing, the White House issued a statement insisting the president was joking, adding, “He’s never advised staff to slow testing. We are extremely proud of the 25 million tests we are conducting at a rapid pace.”

The president later went on a tirade trying to explain recent headlines over his West Point graduation speech last week, where he appeared to need assistance while walking down the stadium’s ramp.

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