Trump Boasts That Coronavirus is ‘Beating’ NY Times: Ad Revenue is ‘WAY DOWN’


Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump took shots at The New York Times and the Washington Post on Twitter Monday, boasting that ad revenue is down because of the coronavirus crisis.

“Advertising in the Failing New York Times is WAY down. Washington Post is not much better,” Trump tweeted. “I can’t say whether this is because they are Fake News sources of information, to a level that few can understand, or the Virus is just plain beating them up. Fake News is bad for America!”

It isn’t clear what prompted Trump’s tweet, but former Times writer Andrew Glazer countered by noting that the paper has actually thrived in the last few years.

The Post’s Josh Dawsey also had a retort for the president.

While it is more than likely that advertising has taken a hit for both papers in recent weeks, many political followers blasted Trump for (once again) using his time to seemingly delight in the financial damage to his enemies while America is mired in a public health crisis.


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