Trump Renews Assault on Mail-In Voting, Claiming Election Could ‘Go On For Years’


President Donald Trump continued his attack on mail-in voting on Wednesday by claiming it would make the 2020 election “go on for years” due to delays.

There is no evidence of widespread corruption in mail-in voting that would delay the November results for “years,” and critics have accused the president of assailing such voting in order to undermine the results of the presidential election. Just yesterday, Trump appeared to reverse course on such voting, encouraging Floridians to vote by mail.

Trump claimed in an interview with Fox & Friends that Nevada and New Jersey both present proof that mail-in voting gives way to widespread fraud and corruption. Fox host Pete Hegseth threw back to the 2016 election by having Trump respond to Hillary Clinton’s allegation that Republicans are seeking to “sabotage” the upcoming election by attacking voting by mail.

Trump began his response by mocking Clinton for not accepting the results of the 2016 election, which the president has also threatened not to do if he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden. Eventually, he went back to the postal service by saying “for 40 years [it] has had big problems.”

They are not equipped to handle a governor where they say millions of ballots, by the way, will be posted in a couple of weeks. Gear up. You can’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a very complex process. So Nevada. We will see how it works out. If it doesn’t work out, you are not going to know the November 3rd election results, I’m talking for the country. It could be for months, actually, it could be for years. If they sent and they planned to send these ballots to everybody that’s ever walked in the state of Nevada, it’s gonna be a disaster.

Trump’s comments to Fox are an expansion of his latest tweet this morning, which claims Nevada’s universal mail-in voting plan “will be a corrupt disaster” that “will take months, or years, to figure out.” He also doubled down on his claim that Florida’s mail-in voting system is far more secure.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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