Trump Starts UK State Visit By Bashing ‘Stone Cold Loser’ London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Trump Bashes 'Stone Cold Loser' London Mayor Sadiq Khan at Start of UK State Visit

President Donald Trump‘s state visit to the United Kingdom got off to an awkward start on Monday since he went after London Mayor Sadiq Khan as Air Force One was getting ready to land.

Trump followed this up by telling people to boycott AT&T because of his hatred for “fake news” CNN.

Trump and Khan’s mutual dislike has been known for some time, but this latest spat comes after the London mayor penned an op-ed for The Guardian that blasted the president and compared him to fascist, autocratic leaders from the 20th century. Khan also recommended that outgoing prime minister Theresa May use this opportunity to issue a denouncement of Trump “and the far-right agenda he embodies” from around the world.

Here is how Khan responded to Trump via a spokesperson.

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