Here’s the White House Coronavirus Plan to Reopen America


UPDATE: The full plan has been published online and can be read here.

President Donald Trump’s plan to reopen the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic was reported by multiple outlets on Thursday — ahead of the president’s White House briefing on the road ahead.

The plan, reportedly shared with governors, has three phases.

Phase One would allow the American public back into the outside world provided they take cautionary measures, however bars would remain closed, while gyms, restaurants, sports venues, and movie theaters would be subject to social distancing rules. Companies would also still be encouraged to maintain remote working.

Phase Two would reintroduce non-essential travel, and open up schools and bars with precautionary measures.

Finally, Phase Three would allow “vulnerable individuals” back into society, resume “unrestricted staffing of worksites,” and allow visitors back into care homes.

The documents were shared online by CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe, and discussed on CNN by Jake Tapper.

A source told O’Keefe that the documents are “all guidelines no directives,” and “what states are already doing and focused on.”

“Trump is very much focused on the role of sports coming back as a means to show we are getting back to life,” the source added.

Tapper tweeted out a packet on the plan:

Watch CNN cover the plan above.

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