Twitter Blue-Checks Mock Viral Trump Fan Band at Tulsa Rally Site: ‘The Whitest Thing You Will Ever See’


A video of performers waiting in line at President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma has gone viral on Twitter, and many pundits and public figures are horrified by the band and their song.

The video — posted by NBC News reporter Cal Perry — took off as news broke that Trump’s upcoming campaign rally will act as a pro-Trump festival with musical acts and camera crews.

“Come on everybody, four more years!” The band chants. “It’s time to vote it’s time to pray … Vote Trump 2020!”

News media figures, celebrities, and other verified Twitter users have mocked the Trump fan band, dubbing them “The whitest thing you will ever see,” and some have  tried to guess their name, coming up with titles such as “Brad and the Karenettes” and “Taylor Not So Swift.”

Watch the video above via NBC News’ Cal Perry.

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