WATCH LIVE: President Trump Holds White House News Conference


President Donald Trump is set to hold a White House news conference at 5:30 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.

Trump was abruptly pulled out of Monday’s White House briefing by a Secret Service agent, returning several minutes later to continue with the news conference.

Fox News’ John Roberts reported that he heard shots fired near the White House while Trump was out of the room.

“Apparently shots were fired at 17th and Penn,” Roberts said. “The shots came from somewhere else and apparently now the Secret Service is rendering aid to someone who was hit.”

Following the interruption, the president made two historical gaffes in a few seconds, first mistaking the year the Spanish flu began as 1917, and later claiming the pandemic ended World War II, missing the date by 26 years.

Trump later accused Democrats of “meddling” in the upcoming elections by encouraging mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know what I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you who’s meddling in our elections,” Trump said. “The Democrats are meddling by wanting and insisting on sending mail-in ballots when there’s corruption all over the place.”

Watch live above, via The White House.

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