WATCH: President Trump Chairs United Nations Security Council Briefing

President Donald Trump is also set to chair a U.N. Security Council briefing on counterproliferation today at 10 am. This comes a day following a newsworthy yesterday in which Trump’s braggadocio brought unintended laughter from diplomats and ambassadors in attendance and a speech that raised eyebrows for tough talk on Iran.

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Donald Trump blasted the Iranian regime as a “corrupt dictatorship”, saying that no solution can come to the destruction in Syria or the migrant crisis without also addressing Iran.

“Every solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that has fueled and financed it. The corrupt dictatorship in Iran,’ said Trump. “Iran’s leaders sow chaos, death, and destruction. They do not respect their neighbors or borders. Or the sovereign rights of nations. Instead, Iran’s leaders plunder the nation’s resources to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond.”

This is the first time Trump has chaired a Security Council briefing, which you can watch above, courtesy of YouTube.

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