A Star Is Born: Chuck Todd Does Karaoke With Savannah Guthrie

You can add two more items to NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd‘s resume´: karaoke singer and consummate good sport. Chuck’s former White House colleague Savannah Guthrie wrapped up a Today Show report on DC’s “Karaoke Cab” by picking Todd up for some fare-ly entertaining duets, and Chuck did not disappoint. Look out, Brett Baier, there’s a new singin’ sheriff in town!

Chuck seems like a reluctant chanteur, but now that he’s been bitten by the karaoke bug, maybe we’ll see more of the melodious journo on Washington, DC’s thriving karaoke scene. If “Karaoke Cabbie” Joel Laguidao isn’t around, I recommend the Peyote Cafe for all non-ambulatory karaoke needs. Make sure you bring lots of tipping cash, though, because the sign-up sheet fills up fast, and money talks.

Here’s the clip of Chuck’s tour de force. You can watch the full report here.

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