Meghan McCain, After Viral Covington Video: I Don’t Know If There’s Any Coming Back From ‘How Divided We Are’


The View had a lot to talk about on Tuesday between the controversy surrounding Buzzfeed and the viral media interest in the MAGA hat-wearing teens from Covington Catholic High School.

First, Meghan McCain addressed her initial condemnation of Covington students, calling them out for bigotry following their confrontation with Native American activist Nathan Phillips. Now that new information is raising questions about the encounter, McCain lamented her part in “demonizing” the teens.

McCain went on to express hope that the students’ lives aren’t ruined in the firestorm, she called it a prime example of how the country might be politically divided beyond hope of reconciliation.

“I think it just makes everybody look bad,” McCain said. “It is like a powder keg example of how divided we are, and I don’t, at this point, know if there is coming back from how divided we are. It just made me depressed literally all weekend.”

The panel moved on to discuss Robert Mueller‘s contradiction of BuzzFeed’s report on Michael Cohen and President Donald Trump. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg seemed to agree that the incident makes the special counsel look better since it suggests he’s being diligent and fair with his work.

But because the BuzzFeed report caused a major media stir when it first came out, Abby Huntsman thinks Trump will be the one who benefits the most.

“Let me say one thing…The media, they don’t understand, but they’re actually going to help Trump get re-elected. If these are the stories they’re putting out – two unnamed sources and everyone runs with this – this is the greatest gift the Trump Administration could ask for.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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