ABC News Airs Footage of Voting in Tbilisi, Georgia During a Segment on Voting in the U.S. State of Georgia


ABC News mistook a picture of the Caucasus country of Georgia for the U.S. state of Georgia during its election coverage on Thursday.

During a segment of the 2020 presidential election race in Georgia, several pictures and videos of voters and ballot counters played on the screen.

Social media users quickly noticed that one of the pictures, of a queue of voters lining up outside, was actually taken in Tbilisi, Georgia — a fifteen-hour plane ride away from the U.S. state.

It wasn’t the first time ABC News made an error with its footage, having aired a fake video purportedly showing the bombing of Kurdish civilians in October 2019.

Despite claims from ABC that the video showed “Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town,” the video turned out to be footage of a Kentucky “military gun demonstration.”

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