Adam Schiff: If Cohen is Telling Truth, Trump Engaged in Criminal Activity ‘Literally While in the Oval Office’

House intelligence committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-NY) on CNN on Wednesday made a stark observation about the implication of some of the testimony by former Trump fixer and attorney Michael Cohen.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interviewed Schiff on points from Cohen’s testimony as well as the surrounding news, then asked Schiff for the broad takeaway.

“So, congressman, where are we? Just give us from where you sit, because you have been so steeped in this. Where are we today?” said Camerota. “But these 20 pages are really in a different category of what is about to be revealed under oath to Congress and so, from where you sit, has the needle been moved? How do you assess where the investigations are today?”

“Well the needle has certainly been moved, and it’s been moved into the White House,” Schiff replied. “If Mr. Cohen’s allegations are correct, it means the president, while in office, literally while in the Oval Office was engaged in criminal activity, and that is furthering this campaign fraud scheme.”

“So, that’s pretty breath-taking when you think about it, that the president of the United States is allegedly paying hush money as President of the United States, and misleading the country about it.” said Schiff. “And that’s pretty serious business.”

He emphasized that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will still have the most “complete picture”, and that what Cohen testifies to or about can then be seen “in the context of other evidence.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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