Al Jazeera Host Pummels Trump Adviser With Examples of His Lies: ‘The President Lies Daily’


Trump 2020 campaign adviser Steven Rogers appeared on Al Jazeera’s UpFront Wednesday, where he faced aggressive questioning from D.C.-based host Mehdi Hasan on the president’s firing of Jeff Sessions, caravan fear-mongering, and general dishonesty.

Hassan grilled Rogers on the caravan-themed campaign ad Trump posted on his Twitter feed that falsely accused Democrats of allowing an illegal immigrant who murdered two police officers into the United States. After a controversy, NBC and even Fox News pulled the controversial ad from their airwaves. CNN never aired the ad, declaring it racist.

Rogers clashed with Hassan over whether the ad was racist, and whether the caravan story Trump hyped before the midterms — but has since abandoned — was a “hoax” or a veritable threat.

At one point in the interview, Hassan turned to Trump’s lies in office — which, according to the Washington Post tracker, currently tally more than 6,000 — listing off the president’s false claims about birthright citizenship, supposed riots in California, and new steel plants.

Hassan managed to get Rogers to concede that Trump’s claims that the United States is the only country with birthright citizenship was “false” and a “misstatement” — though he maintained that it was not a lie.

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