Fox’s Howard Kurtz: The White House Turned CNN’s Jim Acosta Into a ‘Journalistic Martyr’


Moments after Fox News announced it would file a brief in support of CNN lawsuit to restore correspondent Jim Acosta‘s White House credentials, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz dismissed the lawsuit as a p.r. effort.

However, Kurtz — appearing on America’s Newsroom Wednesday — argued that the White House still made a tactical gaffe by pulling Acosta’s credentials in the first place. Kurtz believes that people who do not support Acosta’s journalistic methods are now, nonetheless, standing behind the CNN reporter as a result of the White House revoking his access.

“I think this suit is more of a p.r. effort than a legal one,” Kurtz said. “I don’t know that we’re gonna get a profound ruling out of this. Because it casts CNN and [network president] Jeff Zucker as kind of champions of the free press. And this is why I think the White House stripping the credentials was a strategic error. Because it took the spotlight off of Acosta constantly interrupting, refusing to give up the microphone in that incident last week, and turned him into something of a journalistic martyr.”

Kurtz added, of the Fox News statement supporting CNN, “I think the key phrase in the Fox statement is about not supporting the tone on either side. Because it signals that, while the president has certainly been very vociferous in the last week especially in attacking individual journalists such as Jim Acosta, that there are excesses on the media side as well.

“But this shows, with the networks falling into line — not that they particularly approve of Jim Acosta…But with the White House drawing the line in the sand, prompting CNN to file the suit, other news organizations feel like they have to stand up for the journalistic principle.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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