Ana Navarro, Bakari Sellers Battle Steve Cortes For Saying Trump Isn’t Racist: ‘Lay Off The Kool-Aid!’


On Monday night, a CNN panel got quite heated between Steve CortesBakari Sellers, and Ana Navarro over whether or not President Donald Trump is racist.

Sellers began by insisting that it’s “very hard” to find black people who want to work for the Trump administration, comparing Trump to George Wallace and the “dog whistles” he used, something Cortes vehemently opposed.

“For you to compare him to George Wallace… is so utterly insulting,” Cortes told Sellers. “There is not a scintilla of evidence that this president is a racist. And just because you say it every time you’re on CNN and just because this show says it every single night doesn’t make it true. And all he has done is make life better for minorities. And by the way, both blacks and Hispanics are responding to their improved lives with vastly higher approval numbers for this president.”

Don Lemon dismissed Cortes’s remarks as a “bit of hyperbole.”

Sellers defended his Trump/Wallace comparison by invoking Trump’s casinos and housing discrimination as well as “racist tropes” when talking about Lemon and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

“Donald Trump is a bigot,” Sellers told Cortes. “Donald Trump uses racism as political currency. That’s a problem we have in this country.”

Cortes hit back, saying Sellers only calls Trump a racist to avoid debating policy.

Under the policies of Barack Obama, under the policies of George W. Bush, did lives get better for minorities? Were they safer? Were they more secure? More prosperous in their neighborhoods? In their homes? In the workplace?The answer to all of that is no,” Cortes said.

“That’s BS!” Sellers exclaimed.

Navarro urged Cortes to “lay off the Kool-Aid” and that the president “legitimized racism in this country.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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