Andrew McCabe: ‘Coup’ and ‘Treason’ Have ‘Nothing to Do With What We Were Doing’


Andrew McCabe revealed to Scott Pelley that he had serious discussions with Rod Rosenstein about how they may go about invoking the 25th Amendment to possibly remove President Donald Trump in light of a counter-intelligence investigation the Department of Justice into whether or not the commander in chief had been compromised by Russia.

Since then, there has been a steady stream of accusations that the DOJ had attempted a coup on the president, especially from right-of-center media outlets, most notably Fox News opinion programming and contributors.

As such, during a wide-ranging interview, McCabe provided to MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning in promotion of his book Threat, co-host Willie Geist asked his guest to explain this news.

Geist asked “a lot of people across this country, 60 million of them, who voted for Donald Trump, who will look at the very conversations you had about removing him as some kind of coup. What do you say to them?

McCabe replied, “I think the word, ‘coup’ and words  ‘treason are interesting and inflammatory…they get people’s attention but they have nothing to do with the conversations that Rod Rosenstein and I had in that brief period in May.”

When pressed if he and Rosenstein considered Trump to be “incapacitated” as President, McCabe demurred, saying “that was not my role.”

“The issue I was grappling with was not whether or not the president was removed or incapacitated, able to do his job, should he be investigated,” the Former FBI Deputy Director added.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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