Angela Rye Slams Niger Innis During Heated CNN Panel: ‘Did You Get Those Stats From Breitbart?’


A CNN panel that began with talk of President Donald Trump‘s treatment of three black women reporters quickly went off the rails when talk turned to “buffalo spicy” chicken wings and black women’s support of the president and Republicans.

Things really started to heat up when host Chris Cuomo noted that Trump asked April Ryan — one of the three reporters Trump berated this week —  to set up a meeting with a black caucus like it was her “tribe.”

Niger Innis, National Spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), then said that Trump’s assumption that she would have connections to the Black Caucus was okay because April Ryan works for American Urban Radio.

CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye, formerly the executive director and general counsel of the Congressional Black Caucus, did not agree — at all.

“Maybe she does represent American Urban Radio Network,” she shot back. “But all that means that there are urban communities over the country that expect April to ask, as you would call, ‘buffalo wing spicy’ questions.”

Innis then said he did not say “buffalo wings” and tried to interject.

Rye, though, was not done.

After talking about how Ryan doing her job and questions of the president does not make her a representative of the Black Caucus, Rye stressed Trump definitely had an issue with black women.

Then she said this: “There is a synonym between nationalism and racism and you’re boy [Trump] is it.”

Innis then tried to argue that  Trump, or rather the Republicans, did well with black women voters in Florida.

“What?!” Rye shot back. “Did you get these stats from Breitbart?”

Watch the heated exchange above,  via CNN


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