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‘Be Quiet’: Army Vet Shuts Down Gun Rights Advocate During MSNBC Ft. Hood Debate

Appearing on MSNBC with anchor Chris Jansing on Friday, retired Col. Jack Jacobs, a recipient of the Medal of Honor and an NBC News analyst, became frustrated while debating the merits of increasing access to firearms on military bases as a possible means of avoiding future attacks like what occurred in Fort Hood this week. Jacobs repeatedly told a fellow guest to “be quiet” and dismissed his position as one that would allow for “mass fratricide.”

“Arming everybody on post seems to me a very foolish response,” Jacobs said.

“Be quiet,” Jacobs repeatedly told John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, after the gun advocate asserted that Jacobs was misrepresenting his position.

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“Nobody’s saying you have to go and have everybody be armed,” Lott asserted.

“The current rules mean that the killer knows that he’s not going to be facing opposition there,” he continued. “That makes it — not only encourages him to go and engage in that type of attack to begin with, but makes it much more successful.”

Jacobs repeated his assertion that no commander would approve the arming of “everybody on post,” and added that his experience as a military commander lends him added authority on the issue.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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