Bill Maher Asks Terrifying Question About Trump Refusing to Leave Office: ‘Democrats, What’s the Plan?’


Comic and political pundit Bill Maher asked an almost unimaginable question about the prospect of President Donald Trump refusing to leave office if he’s defeated in November: “What’s the plan?”

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, Maher concluded his “New Rules” segment by once again raising the alarm about the possibility — or probability, as Maher sees it — that Trump won’t go quietly if he’s voted out of office in November.

Maher played clips of Trump laying the groundwork to say the election is “rigged” and bragging about having the police, military, and bikers on his side, as well as a Trump supporter predicting he “won’t be removed” because “My 357 Magnum is comfortable with that.”

“So my question to all Democratic candidates is, what’s the plan?” Maher said. “If you win and the next day he claims he’s avoiding the election because of irregularities he’s hearing about, what do you do? What do you do when the crowd that was in Virginia this week $22,000 strong marches on Washington? This is a scary moment. And when I’ve asked Democrats, what do we do if he doesn’t go? Their answer is always some variation of we have to win big.”

He then played a series of clips that concluded with MSNBC contributor Zerlina Maxwell saying “We would need a landslide.”

“Okay first of all, no! No!” Maher exclaimed. “We don’t have to win via landslide. Jesus. F****** Democrats. I am so sick of Democrats volunteering to play by two different sets of rules. That’s the new paradigm? Republicans can win by one vote but we’re not legitimate unless it’s a landslide.”

He went on to ask what Republicans would join Democrats to stand up to Trump.

Maher’s central question notwithstanding, he took Zerlina Maxwell badly out of context. The clip was from an October MTP Daily broadcast in which Maxwell warned that Trump is cheating to win this election, and that Democrats would “need a landslide in order to overcome” the cheating.

That said, Maher’s question doesn’t appear to have an easy answer. Notwithstanding the bikers and the final vote tally and the courts, no one seems to even know whose job it would be to drag an ousted president out of the White House even if we all agree on the results.

Watch the clip above via HBO.

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