Bill Maher Mocks Democratic Debates: So Obama Is ‘Not Woke Enough Now?’


Bill Maher returned from break tonight and after recapping Trump’s particularly “racist-y month,” he teed off on the Democratic debates.

Maher — who called on several candidates weeks ago to “get the fuck out” — recapped how “the Democratic candidates went after the president hard, unfortunately the president was Obama.”

“The guy with the 97 percent approval rating among the Democrats,” Maher said with bewilderment. “His shit is not woke enough now!”

He joked, “Trump saw that, he called Putin, he said, ‘I got this one.'”

Maher mocked the “Joe 30330” brainfart from Biden and also remarked, “It was a chance, of course, for viewers to hear 20 different versions of America. That was just from Kamala Harris.”

Maher more seriously mentioned the debates in his interview with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, asking whether the candidates were actually playing to people who will come out and vote. He also reiterated past comments of his about how the candidates should just ignore Twitter.

You can watch part of his monologue above, via HBO.

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