Bloomberg Hosts Battle Dana Rohrabacher After He Claims US Meddling Is Worse Than Russia’s


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R- CA) got into a heated clash with Bloomberg hosts this afternoon after he claimed that the United States meddles more in the affairs of other countries than Russia does.

Rohrabacher, who was profiled last November by The New York Times as someone who “has been of value to the Kremlin,” said after the Trump-Putin press conference that Russia is just trying to look out for its own national interests just as the United States is.

“They found it in their interest to meddle in our elections,” he said. “But what the point is––we meddle in their elections. We meddle all over the world at a much higher rate than what Moscow does. And maybe it’s all wrong, but the fact is we helped overthrow the government of Ukraine.”

Anchor Shery Ahn challenged him for trying to equate the actions of the two nations. Rohrabacher insisted it’s wrong in all cases, but that the U.S. does it more aggressively.

Reporter Kevin Cirilli in Helsinki told Rohrabacher top intel officials would take issue with his characterization here, and Rohrabacher got snippy with him, accusing him of “trying to bring me down.”

The interview got heated as Cirilli countered that he was just responding with facts and asked the congressman if he disagrees with the Russian intel community findings.

Rohrabacher said he believes there was meddling, but insisted there was no Trump collusion and claimed that people are trying to conflate the two.

Ahn pressed Rohrabacher on Trump’s refusal to confront Putin today, and Rohrabacher instead went on a tangent claiming there was a concerted effort within the government to stop Trump. He also bashed Robert Mueller and claimed it was overtly political for the indictments to be handed down before the summit.

Watch above, via Bloomberg.

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