Brian Stelter Rips CNN Colleague Over Confrontation With Seb Gorka: ‘Your Conduct Was Unprofessional’


Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter called out his CNN colleague, contributor Brian Karem on Sunday morning, for “clearly unprofessional conduct” during a press event on the White House lawn earlier this summer.

Karem appeared on Stelter’s show with his attorney Ted Boutrous who is representing the CNN contributor in a lawsuit filed against the White House as result of press secretary Stephanie Grisham‘s decision to suspend his hard pass for 30 days.

Karem’s credentials were pulled over that shouting match he got into with Sebastian Gorka a few weeks ago at the White House’s social media summit. You can check out the videos from the event here and here.

After explaining the backstory to his viewers, Stelter asked Karem “why in the world was it appropriate — what were you doing trying to provoke Gorka and others?” He then added, “to me, this was clearly unprofessional conduct at the White House.”

Karem tried to flip the script in his response, saying “I think the White House was unprofessional…” to which Stelter interrupted his guest to make clear that he was calling Karem’s conduct unprofessional.

Karem continued by admitting he understood Stelter’s take, but continued the “best defense is a good offense” approach, ironically so often used by President Trump and his administration.

He further explained and defended his behavior noting that he and his fellow members of the press had been victims of heckling by many of the conservative social media personalities in attendance and claimed that “Trump said to the effect that they make quite a few things up and he loves it,” before explaining how his response was a joke.

He then offered the salient point that President Trump has attacked the First Amendment with his constant calling the media the “Fake News” and “Enemy of the People” before noting that his Rose Garden altercation was nothing new.

Watch above via CNN.

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