Bristol Palin Agrees Keith Olbermann is a ‘Dick,’ But is Willing to Go on His Show


“The back-and-forth between Bristol Palin and Countdown host Keith Olbermann continued Friday morning, as Palin hit a local Alaska radio show to discuss her “Worst Person in the World” win. While the eldest Palin daughter was generally a good sport about the whole thing, hosts Bob & Mark laid it on pretty thick, and secured agreement from Palin that Olbermann is, indeed, a “dick.”

Bristol may yet get a chance to confront Olbermann in person. In the second part of the interview, spurred on by Media Malpractice filmmaker John Ziegler, Bristol displays a willingness, even an eagerness, to appear on Countdown and let Olbermann take his best shots at her.

In case you missed it, Olbermann named Bristol Palin the “Worst Person in the World” on Monday’s Countdown for a weeks-old abstinence and safe sex PSA starring Palin and Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.” Olbermann’s criticism was based on the notion that unplanned single mother Bristol sets a poor example as an abstinence spokesperson, ignoring her obvious value as a cautionary figure. He also made a tone-deaf comparison to George W. Bush and 9/11 in the process.

Palin displayed a light touch in the radio interview, but the hosts employed a heavy-handed comparison of their own, likening Bristol’s situation to that of the late Yul Brynner, who famously appeared in an anti-smoking PSA, urging viewers from beyond the grave not to end up like him. While Bristol Palin’s status as a single mother certainly gives her standing to speak on the issue, she’s miles away from Brynner on the worst-case scenario spectrum.

Later in the interview, filmmaker John Ziegler joins the chorus of Olber-bashing, and when he reiterated his $100,000 challenge to debate Olbermann, Bristol chimed in that it would be “hilarious, sitting at that table with him, having a conversation. I just want to know why he would say that, though. What facts does he have behind that, and what have I done to deserve that (Worst Person) title?”

This isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Such a meeting would undoubtedly draw huge ratings, and would fit in nicely with his recent offer to have Michele Bachmann on the show. Perhaps he could do a theme night, adding Ziegler and Michelle Malkin to the roster.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bristol also quashes rumors that former First Dude Todd Palin might appear on Dancing with the Stars.

Here’s the full interview, from KWHL:

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