Brit Hume Defends Dan Patrick Comments About Coronavirus: ‘Entirely Reasonable Viewpoint’


Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick sparked outrage on Fox News Monday night after saying older people like himself should be willing to put themselves at risk in having the country go back to work soon in the name of saving America for future generations.

Tucker Carlson followed up Tuesday night with Brit Hume, who defended Patrick’s “reasonable viewpoint” and said it’s “not terribly different” from what President Donald Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo have said.

“The utter collapse of the country’s economy, which many think will happen if this goes on much longer, is an intolerable result. He is saying for his own part that he would be willing to take a risk of getting the disease if that’s what it took to allow the economy to move forward. He said that because he is late in life, that he would be perhaps more willing than he might have been at a younger age, which seems to me to be an entirely reasonable viewpoint,” he continued.

Hume told Carlson that while the mortality rate from coronavirus is “high enough that it makes it alarming,” “we don’t shut down the economy to save every single life that’s threatened by a widespread disease. We just don’t.”

Carlson asked why saying what Patrick did “enrages so many people.” Hume responded by saying the following:

“Well, I can’t know that. I can’t read the minds of people I don’t know. But there’s one thing I do suspect in all of this in terms of the reactions to it. We are living in a country in which people’s reactions to nearly everything have something to do when you drill down how they fee about Donald Trump. And to the extent that what the lieutenant government set on your air last night is similar to the overall message to what Donald Trump has been saying, I think some of the reaction to it may flow from that.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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