Cavuto to Meyers: Candidates ‘Wander,’ Bully Debate Mods During Ad Breaks


Fox Business Network anchor and Republican debate moderator Neil Cavuto visited Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss, among other things, what the presidential candidates did during the live broadcast’s commercial breaks. After all, the eight contenders didn’t just stand on stage in awkward silence the whole time. Right?

“They wander,” said Cavuto when asked about the secret, non-televised parts of the debate.

“Do you worry they’re just going to wander off and not come back?” Seth Meyers asked him.

“I do,” Cavuto explained. “The area where we are and the candidates are is significantly above the main stage. The steps to get to it, at least for me, are like the steps to the Parthenon. So you need a rope to get there. During the breaks the candidates can wander off, but we don’t want them to wander down the stairs.”

However, if the candidates aren’t antsy enough to wander, Cavuto admitted that some of them will approach the moderators and bully them about not getting enough time in the previous exchange. No outright yelling, per se, but bullying nonetheless.

“They’ll just come over like Tony Soprano,” check their watch and shrug suggestively, said Cavuto. “The message is you haven’t given them enough time.”

Jeb Bush in particular, whom Cavuto described as “a tall guy,” would walk over to the moderators and do his best Tony Soprano impression — watch tap, shrug and all. He wasn’t as worried about Rand Paul, however, as “he’s not that tall.”

Check out the clip above, via NBC.

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