Chris Christie Blames Sarah Sanders and WH Press Staff for Trump’s D-Day Interview Debacle


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie refused to criticize President Donald Trump for using a cemetery full of fallen World War II heroes as the backdrop for political attacks, instead blaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her press staff for the incident that marred Trump’s trip to the U.K.

On Sunday morning’s edition of This Week, host George Stephanopoulos led his panel in a discussion of Trump’s decision to attack political opponents like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi while sitting in front of the American cemetery in Normandy.

Stephanopoulos and others pointed out that prior to the trip, Pelosi was reported to have said that she’d rather see Trump im prison than impeached, but former Obama official Patrick Gaspard pointed out that Pelosi’s purported comment was made in private.

“It’s not the same as stating in front of graves of American troops at Normandy and blasting somebody in your…” Gaspard said, but Christie interrupted.

“She earned that one, Patrick, she earned it, OK,” Christie said. “If you’re going to say you want to see the president of the United States in prison then she earned – then she earned a shot – earned a shot against her.”

“I know you were at a convention where the lock her up chant was common refrain,” Gaspard said, “but, you know, I think there’s quite a bit of difference between taking a shot from the president — Donald Trump can attack Nancy Pelosi all his wants — and doing that at that sacred site.”

Throughout the segment, Christie refused to criticize Trump, but did say several times that his mention of Pelosi’s provocation was “not an excuse, it’s an explanation, but it’s not an excuse.”

But Christie did have criticism for others who did not take the action that Christie was definitely not excusing, but also not criticizing.

“Now, I also think, George, that the president’s press staff served him poorly in two instances in Europe,” Christie said, “putting him front of Piers Morgan and putting him in that interview at that site with Laura Ingraham.”

Christie was referencing Trump’s lengthy and “baffling”— as Chuck Todd called it — interview with the former CNN host.

“That does not serve the president well,” Christie said. “When you give that long period of time to do those kind of things, and they’re going to ask those kind of questions and follow up. That’s what — you know this, I know this, anybody knows who has been in political campaigns, and political situations.”

“The staff’s job is not to put the principle in a situation where you put him at greater risk of harm than greater risk of benefit,” Christie said. “And I’d argue that when Sarah Sanders, whoever made those decisions, to put him in those positions, put him there, they ill-served him.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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