Chris Hayes Condemns Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Lying’ and ‘Manipulation’ of Nursing Home Death Data: ‘That Is Indefensible’


In a sign of how far the New York governor’s reputation has fallen from 2020, MSNBC host Chris Hayes analogized Andrew Cuomo’s data manipulation about the impact of Covid to comments from former President Donald Trump about covid numbers early on.

During the Friday edition of All In, Hayes pointed to a bombshell report from Thursday. Per the New York Times, Cuomo aides intervened and made changes to a New York state health report on the Covid pandemic last summer, excising the conclusion that the state had suffered 9,000 nursing home deaths, a figure that reportedly “alarmed” the governor’s team. That comes just weeks after a Cuomo aide sent shockwaves through the state by privately admitting to New York Democratic legislators that the administration withheld data from federal government for fear the Trump White House would use it as a political cudgel.

“Not only that, it happened as the governor was starting to write a book on his pandemic achievements,” Hayes pointed out about the cover-up. “The state attorney general finally got a look at the real numbers. She concluded in the report that coronavirus resident deaths associated with nursing homes New York state appeared to be undercounted by approximately 50%. Fifty percent, that’s a lot.”

“This all stems from a state directive that basically forced nursing homes to accept Covid positive patients released from the hospitals,” Hayes explained. “And in hindsight that looks like a pretty bad decision. At the time there were lots of decisions being made very quickly amidst a, you know, unprecedented pandemic. We were being confronted on something nobody had experienced before. And hospitals were overwhelmed, crunched for space. So given that, some bad decisions are at least defensible.”

The Cuomo administration’s response to the Times was to claim that the nursing home deaths figure was left out out of a concern of “potential double counting.”

“To state the obvious this is really, really bad,” Hayes said, calling out the governor. “It’s the lying and the manipulation that is indefensible. That’s the thing about the Trump administration and their Covid management that was indefensible. When Trump said: ‘I want to keep people on the cruise ship because I didn’t want those numbers,’ that’s not a defensible position, right? You can make mistakes in managing Covid, and people did. But that’s not a defensible position, to artificially suppress the numbers. And that same principle applies here.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.


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