Chris Hayes Goes On a Tear Against ‘Morally Odious’ Bolton: ‘Attempting to Literally Cash In on Betrayal of His Country’


Even though there are some serious allegations about the president’s conduct already reported on from his upcoming book, there’s a pretty broad consensus that John Bolton should have come forward earlier if he was so troubled by what he witnessed from President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes absolutely trashed Bolton Wednesday night, saying the GOP may be more the party of Bolton than the party of Trump:

“Bolton is a perfectly representative figure of the modern Republican party and in the conservative movement. He served in prominent positions in the last two Republican administrations. He’s a vicious bureaucratic infighter. He’s duplicitous, untrustworthy, extremely militaristic. He’s never been held accountable for all the terrible things he’s done in his long public career, and there are many. He is a completely morally odious individual you would not want in your organization or anywhere around you, and yet he is of course also a Fox News contributor and at the highest levels of the Republican policy-making. Because that’s the way the Republican party and the conservative movement are now. Maybe you’ll remember that Bolton was one of the people that broke up the White House pandemic response unit. He also advocated strenuously for a totally unjustified war in Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of people. John Bolton could spend the rest of his life, like Lady Macbeth, trying to wash the blood off his hands and it would be there still.”

Hayes reminded viewers that there was reporting during the impeachment saga that Bolton had firsthand knowledge of what went down but instead he “fought against testifying.”

“And now Bolton is attempting to literally cash in on betrayal of his country,” he said.

Bolton’s allegations include that Trump directly asked the president of China for help with his reelection and that he thought China “should go ahead” with building concentration camps in a conversation between the two leaders.

Hayes’ takeaway is that the book confirms for everyone what kind of person Trump is… but also what kind of person Bolton is too.

He said there are plenty of people who have reason to be “utterly furious” with Bolton, before speaking with Daniel Goldman, counsel for the House Democrats during the impeachment proceedings.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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