Chris Hayes Hits Dan Bongino for Threatening to Leave Cumulus But Not Fox Over Vax Policies: ’The Tough Guy Routine Only Goes So Far’


Chris Hayes took Cumulus Media and Fox News host Dan Bongino to task on Tuesday over for threatening to quit Cumulus over its Covid-19 policy, but not Fox’s.

“So Cumulus, for some stupid reason, thought it would be a really good idea to do a vaccine mandate,” Bongino told listeners on Monday. “Why they would do that, I have no idea. Don’t know if they’re trained medical professionals or what and I’m missing something.”

In August, Cumulus Media mandated employees get the covid-19 vaccine “except those legally excepted.”

Fox News does not have a mandate, but it has some strict protocols in place. The network has employees inputting their vaccine status into a company system, and those who haven’t or are unvaccinated are subject to daily testing.

Nonetheless, Hayes took Bongino to task for what he viewed as having different standards for each company.

Hayes played a clip of Bongino saying, on air, “You can have me or you can have the mandate. But you can’t have both.”

The MSNBC host quipped, “Oh, well, that’s a tough choice.”

“If you do not have an uncle who shares his videos on Facebook,” said Hayes, “that is Dan Bongino, a guy who’s found a niche as one of the MAGA universe side characters.” Hayes called him a “rage-filled former Secret Service agent.”

“Now I should tell you, that guy threatening to quit over a vaccine mandate is in fact fully vaccinated,” he said. “And a part of me wants to give him credit for sticking to his principles and at the very least calling out his employer over its vaccine policy, something that as we’ve noted repeatedly, people like Tucker Carlson don’t have the courage to do. But the thing is, like Tucker, Dan Bongino’s also a Fox News host and weirdly enough he has not threatened nor said one single word about Fox’s strict vaccine protocols that you either vaccinate or test daily. I guess the tough guy routine only goes so far.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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