Chris Wallace: Bolton Book Has ‘Damaging’ Details, But ‘I Don’t Think It’ll Have a Lot of Impact’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace joined the hosts of The Five Wednesday to talk about the serious allegations from John Bolton already reported out from his new book.

Wallace went through some of the “damaging” and “embarrassing” details in the book, including the allegation that Trump asked the president of China for help with his re-election.

But ultimately Wallace said he doubts Bolton’s book will have much political impact, arguing it’s not as if people don’t already have strong opinions — positive and negative — about the president:

“I don’t think it’ll have a lot of impact. People are so locked in on Donald Trump. You either think he’s, you know, been the savior of the country and has managed a great economy and is going to bring it back after Covid and all of that, or you just hate him or certainly don’t want him to be president. And I’m not sure this is going to change a lot of minds one way or the other.”

Wallace at one point recalled how back in 2016, Trump was considering Bolton for a White House position, but two things that concerned him at the time were his “aggressive, hawkish” views and the issue of loyalty.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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