Chris Wallace Confronts Putin: So Many People Who Oppose You ‘End Up Dead or Close to It’


Chris Wallace conducted a very tough interview with Vladimir Putin that touched upon a pretty serious subject regarding the Russian leader.

“Why is it,” Wallace asked, “that so many of the people that oppose Vladimir Putin end up dead or close to it? Former Russian spy and double-agent Sergei Skripal, the victim of a nerve agent attack in England. Boris Nemtsov, a political opponent, gunned down near the Kremlin. Investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya, murdered in an apartment building. Why is it that so many people who were political enemies of Vladimir Putin are attacked?”

Putin dismissively said everyone has political rivals, including President Trump.

Wallace countered, “But they don’t end up dead.”

“Haven’t Presidents been killed in the United States?” Putin asked, bringing up the Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations.

He went on to dismiss the Skripal case by saying no one has produced evidence. Wallace pointed out, “Supposedly they picked up the bottle that was used to attack Skripal.”

Before moving on, Putin said this in response:

“Let us seal this issue first. What kind of package? What kind of bottle? What’s the chemical formula? Who got it? Or maybe there are other reasons––reasons of death. Well, maybe it’s the internal reasons within the United Kingdom, but nobody wants to look into the issue. No, we just see the ungrounded accusations. Why is it done this way? Why our relationship should be made worse by this pretense? We have to build them with the U.K. as well.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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