S.E. Cupp Bashes Putin ‘Suck Up-Fest’: ‘If Trump Isn’t a Russian Agent, He Sure Plays a Good One on TV’

Conservative critics of President Donald Trump have stolen the show on this Monday — as President Donald Trump has come under heavy fire for seeming to side with Russian President Vladimir Putin rather than his own intelligence community as it relates to the subject of election interference.

Add HLN’s S.E. Cupp to that list — and perhaps place her at the top.

Monday on Unfiltered, Cupp absolutely tore into the president for cozying up to his Russian counterpart.

“If Trump isn’t a Russian agent, he sure plays good one on TV,” Cupp said. “I can’t think of press conference in which one leader so thoroughly tramples on his own nation and its interests than the suck up-fest I witnessed this afternoon.”

Cupp specifically bristled at the idea of Trump potentially taking up Putin on his offer of having his investigators work on the case in which 12 Russian intelligence officers were indicted Friday for interfering in the election.

“Yes,” Cupp said, tongue firmly-in-cheek. “Let’s put the arsonist in charge of investigating how the building burned down.”

Overall, Cupp slammed the president for coming off weak. Obliquely referencing Putin gifting the Commander-in-Chief a soccer ball, she said, “Trump was so impotent, it’s no wonder he leaves the Russian summit with one ball.”

Watch above, via HLN.

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