Chris Wallace Methodically Destroys Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Plan Right to Sarah Sanders’ Face


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace laid out a devastating case against Donald Trump‘s proposal to send migrants to “sanctuary cities,” leaving White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders little room to advocate for the plan.

On this week’s edition of Fox News Sunday, Wallace began his interview with Sanders by playing video of Trump’s new idea, and asked “Is the president serious? Does he really intend to ship thousands of immigrants all across the country to cities like New York, and San Francisco, and a lot of other places?”

Sanders responded that “Certainly we are looking at all options,” and restated Trump’s premise that so-called sanctuary cities “want to have open borders, and want to have an open city, so let’s put some of those people into their communities, and into their towns, and see if they are okay then with that same impact.”

Sanders again repeated that “we’re certainly looking at all options,” to which Wallace replied “Okay, I want to pick up on this specific option, though, about shipping migrants to sanctuary cities.”

He noted that Trump tweeted that “the government has, the absolute legal right to do so,” but noted that “this was floated by the White House, brought over to DHS, and they said repeatedly that it was not legal to do so, and also they said counterproductive.”

“Take a look at some of the objections that DHS raised,” Wallace continued, and laid out the practical, let alone moral or philosophical, case against the plan.

“They said Congress has approved no specific money for this purpose,” Wallace said. “ICE says it would be quote-unquote ‘an unnecessary operational burden.'”

“Sending them to sanctuary cities, which don’t cooperate with federal enforcement of immigration laws, would make it harder to round them up later,” Wallace continued, and added that “it also might be an incentive to more illegal immigration.”

“So I guess the question is, how do you overcome all of those problems?” he asked.

“Again, nobody thinks that this is the ideal solution” Sanders replied, overcoming zero of those problems. “But until we can fix the crisis at the border, we have to look at all options, this is one of them.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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