Clint Eastwood Jokes With Ellen About Sounding ‘Senile’ During RNC Speech

Clint Eastwood sat down with Ellen DeGeneres today, and amidst all the typical celebrity chatter, they got around to the subject of Eastwood’s now-infamous speech at the Republican National Convention last month. Eastwood admitted he really doesn’t care about the big public reaction to his speech, and talked about his political beliefs with DeGeneres.

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Eastwood joked that the Democrats watching his speech thought he was senile and the Republicans watching his speech knew he was senile. But for him, the speech was a way for him to “enjoy myself.”

DeGeneres pressed Eastwood on his political beliefs and why he self-identifies as a libertarian. Eastwood said that the Republican party used to be libertarian “when they were saving money,” and that he is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. DeGeneres pointed out Eastwood’s past statements on gay marriage, and Eastwood said people should just be left alone.

He and DeGeneres agreed that there are a lot more important things for the country to be concerned with than gay marriage.

Watch the video below, courtesy of NBC:


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