CNBC’s Jim Cramer Calls White House Briefings ‘Unwatchable’ in Rant on Clinging to Hope Amid Pandemic


CNBC’s Jim Cramer pronounced the White House coronavirus task force’s daily briefings “unwatchable” during an extended riff on how people can expect to remain hopeful amid the ongoing pandemic.

On Thursday’s Squawk Box, Cramer spoke to Aaron Ross about efforts to develop coronavirus treatments, along with the latest spike in unemployment from nationwide lockdowns to mitigate the health crisis. As they spoke about how long it might take for the economy to be uplifted alongside the public’s mood, Cramer lamented that “Dr. Fauci completely just made us feel awful again by talking about how horrible it’s going to be in the fall.”

“These press conferences or shows, whatever you call that, are now unwatchable,” Cramer went on. “They are unwatchable because you can’t tell whether things are great or things are catastrophic. So I’d rather just turn them off and focus on the 1984 NCAA finals.”

As Cramer continued by noting broad-range efforts to counter the impact of the pandemic, he said “I refuse to believe they’re just a bunch of knuckleheads. They’ve got to know more! Is it really just about more than are we going to have a hair salon open in Georgia?”

“Is it okay to be hopeful?” He asked. “I guess that’s what I’m asking, or should we take that off the table and be despairing and just be one text away from not killing ourselves?”

As his colleagues told Cramer “we all want to have hope,” he eventually went into a tangent about how he lost his hair before saying “I want to be optimistic!”

“Excuse me for thinking that life didn’t end on February 1 or January 23rd or in some sort of laboratory that may or may not have leaked some virus that made it so a bat in a bowl of soup is killing us. Not going there. Sorry.”

He ended it on a somewhat humorous tone though by telling people “I did cut my own hair, it was horrible.”

Watch above, via CNBC.

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