CNN Analyst: Trump Calling Puerto Rico Hurricane Response a Success is ‘Delusional, Insensitive’


CNN Legal Analyst Joey Jackson called Donald Trump’s praise of the government’s reaction to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico “delusional, insensitive, and outrageous.”

During a meeting in the Oval Office today on the upcoming Hurricane Florence, Trump said, “I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful.”

“It was one of the best jobs that’s ever been done with respect to what this is all about,” he added.

However, Jackson — and many other politicians and pundits — tore into the president for his comments and explained that it was just another example of living in an era of “alternative facts”:

“[Trump] spins and he bobs and he weaves and he misrepresents and he lies. And if you say it enough times, I guess it becomes the truth. Understand that we’re living in a generation now, I guess — I mean, a time of alternative facts, right? Alternative facts a la Miss Conway… The statements by the president, let’s be clear, are delusional, insensitive, and outrageous.”

The analyst continued by saying the “president just doesn’t own up to the” reality that nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico due to the storm last year.

“Tell to those people who live through it and are still living through it that it was an incredible success,” Jackson said. “It’s not. It’s a lie. It’s an alternative fact, it’s a misrepresentation. It’s just not the truth. And that’s what we get out of this White House day in and day out and it’s grossly misfortunate.”

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