CNN Interviews 19 Undocumented Immigrants Who Worked For and Met Trump: He ‘Must Have Known’ About Us


CNN correspondent Randi Kaye interviewed a staggering 19 undocumented workers who all worked for the Trump Organization, all of whom say they met Donald Trump, and several of whom claim that Trump “must have known” of their undocumented status.

Kaye’s piece aired on the latest edition of CNN’s AC360, and featured 19 former employees, “All of them say they worked for Mr. Trump at his various golf courses in New York and New Jersey, some for more than a decade, despite being in the United States illegally from countries including Mexico and Guatemala,” Kaye reported.

The undocumented workers produced pay stubs and work uniforms to the interview, as well as immigration attorney Anibal Romero, who represents a larger group of undocumented former Trump employees. Nearly all of the workers Kaye interviewed say they have personally met Trump, and several said they worked closely around him for years.

Jose Juarez worked as a waiter at Trump’s Westchester golf club for 10 years and often served Donald Trump,” Kaye reported, and when she asked Juarez if Trump knew of his status, he replied “I think so.”

“This was an open secret,” attorney Romero told Kaye.

Sandra Diaz worked as a housekeeper for Trump for four years, and told Kaye “I worked really close to him in his house,” and that she had keys to Trump’s house at his New Jersey golf resort.

“Sandra told us she believes Donald Trump knew she was here illegally because he has to sign off on everything at the club,” Kaye reported. Victorina Morales, another former housekeeper at Trump’s New Jersey golf course, told Kaye that Trump “must have known” that she was undocumented.

Kaye noted, at the end of her report, that while the Trump Organization would not comment for her story, they have previously denied knowingly employing undocumented workers. She noted “that’s certainly not what these workers told us happened in their case,” and that the company’s denial “certainly doesn’t answer our question, which is did Donald Trump know that these undocumented workers were working for him as he was publicly railing against them.”

Kaye’s reporting comes after months of stories about Trump and his organization employing undocumented workers, which has led to charges of hypocrisy because Trump rose to power by relentlessly railing against undocumented immigrants.

Even Trump’s own Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted it was a “fair question” when Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pressed him on the “apparent hypocrisy” of “employing a steady stream of illegal immigrants for years, and that the managers at the club knew they were illegal.”

Watch Kaye’s report above, via CNN.

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