Fox News’ Chris Wallace Gets Mick Mulvaney to Admit Trump Immigration ‘Hypocrisy’ is a ‘Fair Question’


Fox News Channel anchor Chris Wallace elicited rare candor from acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney when he asked Mulvaney to explain the “apparent hypocrisy” of Trump’s immigration stance and use of undocumented workers at his golf resorts.

On Fox News Sunday, host Wallace noted that Trump spent a good portion of his State of the Union address railing against illegal immigration.

“But the Washington Post reports, this weekend, that the Trump golf club in New Jersey has employed a steady stream of illegal immigrants for years, and that the managers at the club knew they were illegal,” Wallace said, and asked “How do you explain this apparent hypocrisy by president Trump and by his business?”

“I think you and I have talked about, with my job, is what I call compartmentalization, which is that I deal with running the White House, we deal with running the government,” Mulvaney replied.

“But what you just put up, it’s a fair question,” Mulvaney continued, adding that it is “a question that goes to the Trump Organization, and not to the Trump White House. We are not involved in the operation of those facilities.”

“Has the president ever discussed the fact there apparently was a stream of illegals working for him?” Wallace pressed.

“No I don’t talk with the president about his business,” Mulvaney said. “I know that sounds unusual to people, but we have so much to do running the government we don’t get into these other matters.”

It’s a fair question to ask how Trump will feel about his chief of staff saying it’s a fair question to ask if Trump is a hypocrite.

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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