CNN National Security Analyst Asks: Why Do We ‘Never Hear About’ Kellyanne Conway in Mueller Developments?


On Friday, it was revealed Sarah Sanders was interviewed in the Russia probe.

Sanders is just the latest among those closest to President Donald Trump and associated with his campaign to be ranked among those known to have been interviewed by the Special Counsel.

However, CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem made the point during a panel on Erin Burnett‘s show that one name is notably absent from the list of interviewees, at least so far.

That name is White House counselor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

“I find this list fascinating because obviously some of them are from the campaign, some of them crossed over,” Kayyem began. “But these are the names we know, right? You and I watching TV getting to know the team, the campaign, the White House. These are the names we know because these are the ones Trump has put before us.”

She added: “So the fact that they’ve all been called in is incredibly telling about how close Mueller is to the Oval Office.”

She then said this: “There’s one name I am going to say that I find absolutely incredible. We never hear about. And that’s Kellyanne Conway. She is the campaign manager and she’s the senior advisor in the White House. Her name is nowhere as if she weren’t campaign manager through this.”

She further noted Conway may have been interviewed and we just don’t know about it, but as the names keep coming out, she said she keeps thinking, “Didn’t Trump have a campaign manager at this stage?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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