CNN Panel Goes Off on Sarah Sanders for Lying to Press: ‘How Do You Believe Anything They Say?’


CNN’s John King called out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders this afternoon following the revelation she admitted to Mueller’s team that she told the press a baseless claim about James Comey.

Sanders said in 2017, after Comey’s firing, that “countless” FBI agents weren’t happy with his leadership. The Mueller report says she was asked about this claim under oath, and admitted it wasn’t true. In subsequent media appearances Thursday night and this morning she said it was just a “slip of the tongue.”

After playing a clip of Sanders insisting “the sentiment is 100 percent accurate,” King remarked: “The sentiment is not 100 percent accurate. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. Comey was — had some issues, but he was actually pretty well-liked when he was running the bureau.”

He said he has some empathy for Sanders because of “who she works for” and how she’s “told to lie every day,” but said, “Should we, or more importantly you at home, I mean, how do you believe anything they say?”

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins said there’s no way it was just a slip of the tongue, given she made the claim repeatedly and stood by it when subsequently asked.

CNN reporter Michael Warren said that the entire credibility of the press secretary is that, even if they’re giving spin, they’re providing the press with “some kind of truth.”

“Her entire credibility, such as it was, really, really damaged by this,” he added.

“I lived through this in the Clinton/Lewinsky days when I was covering the White House,” King said, “and it’s hard, a hard job, but you’re right. You can understand your loyalty to the boss, you can try to spin things as favorably as you can to your boss, but on basic truths — what day of the week it is, did you get a phone call, did you get an e-mail — you can’t make that stuff up.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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