CNN Panel Goes Off on Trump Wall Claim: ‘Why Is He Lying to America?!’

A CNN panel tonight got heated during an argument about a “weird” claim President Trump made about the border wall.

Anderson Cooper fact-checked Trump tonight on his claim that pictures he posted yesterday were of the wall being started on.

Cooper said it’s “weird” for Trump to claim the wall is being built when it isn’t. He said, “They’re not actually building a new wall… Am I going crazy?”

Christine Quinn said, “You can see a chicken as a penguin, it’s still a chicken.”

Peter Beinart noted how some of Trump’s supporters are frustrated with him on the immigration issue so “he’s anxious about this so he lies.”

Stephen Moore said Democrats love to spend money on everything except the wall, to which Jeffrey Toobin responded, “I thought Mexico was gonna pay for it.”

Quinn brought up the lying issue too and said, “This is a question about why is he lying to America.”

Former Trump campaign official Bryan Lanza brought up Barack Obama‘s claim about keeping doctors and asked if that was a lie too. Beinart shot back, “I’m not saying Donald Trump is the first person ever to lie in office.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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