CNN Panel Goes Off Over Trump Attacks: Republicans Who Don’t Stand Up Are ‘Aiding and Abetting a Racist President’


Jake Tapper’s panel went off on President Donald Trump’s tweets on Baltimore and Congressman Elijah Cummings, with Van Jones saying POTUS is “failing kindergarten.”

Former GOP congresswoman Mia Love said she’s troubled by the president going “way too far” in dividing the country.

Former Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm thanked her for “being a Republican who has stood up.”

At one point Love said, “I want to remind everyone that Republicans are not racist. They are not. The policies that we believe in are good for everybody… The problem I have is the president of the United States is supposed to represent all Americans and when you go after Americans, you can go after their policies, you can even go after when they say things that you disagree with, but when… your words hurt Americans and divide us, that is unacceptable to me.”

Granholm agreed that not all Republicans are racists, but added, “When elected Republicans do not stand up against these racist Tweets, they are aiding and abetting a racist president.”

Love told Trump supporter David Urban that if the president isn’t racist, “he should come out and say, ‘I am sorry. This is not what I meant by these words.'”

Jones, meanwhile, said, “The president is failing kindergarten at this point. A kindergartener would be taken out of a classroom for talking to and about people for the way the president has talked about them… If the president said, all right, you don’t like the border, clean up your backyard. That would be fair… He went beyond that and said no human being would want to live in Baltimore. That is so beyond the pale because it resonates in the idea you are sub-human if you live there.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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