CNN Panel Grills the Hell Out of Kingston Over Comments About FL Students: ‘Come On, Jack’


Former Republican congressman Jack Kingston was on CNN tonight and over the course of multiple segments the rest of the panel tore into him for saying this morning the Parkland students are basically being used as pawns by the left.

Kingston said tonight he’s just concerned about the kids being in “an emotional state” so soon after surviving this tragedy, noting the support they are receiving from local politicians.

Kirsten Powers jumped in to ask why it would matter if these kids are being supported by people who they share a common cause with in the first place, telling Kingston it sounded like he was suggesting the kids are being told what to say.

He invoked the infamous political quote “never waste a good crisis,” to which everyone rolled their eyes and there were audible calls of “Come on, Jack.”

Ryan Lizza scolded Kingston for “attacking these kids for having political allies,” while Van Jones pointed out that it’s pretty clear these students have genuine fears they want addressed.

“You’re sprinkling out there that maybe these kids are illegitimate and that’s wrong,” he concluded.

In the next segment, Jeffrey Toobin pointed out how millions of people are with Kingston on this issue and said, “They are gonna do nothing, regardless of what these young people demand, because this is the issue that unites the Republican party.”

Lizza reiterated there’s nothing wrong with students working alongside groups that support them and said Kingston is implying the kids are “tainted” by this.

He invoked CPAC and asked, “Do you know how many kids are bussed in from around the country?”

At one point, Kingston turned the question of gun control back on the Democrats, questioning why they didn’t act in the first part of Obama’s presidency. Jones shot back, “We had to deal with the great recession and two wards.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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