CNN Panel Rips Trump’s Remarks After New Zealand Terror Attack: ‘Disgusting, Inexcusable’

On Friday, a CNN panel reacted to President Donald Trump downplaying white nationalism just one day after one day after a vicious terror attack on a mosque in New Zealand that left 49 dead.

Yet, according to CNN contributor Symone Sanders it is not all that surprising considering that the Trump administration — aided and abetted by Stephen Miller — have been spouting the same rhetoric in their own policies.

“When you hear the term white nationalist. The ideology, one of the main, core pieces is to curb nonwhite immigration,” Sanders explained.

She then stressed that is exactly a main White House talking point.

“That’s one of the main policy priorities they advocate for,” she continued on. “If some of this sounds familiar these are things that Stephen Miller who works for President Trump and in charge of putting together policies so I believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist.”

Mehdi Hasan of the Intercept then noted that one of the main motivating factors for white nationalism is Islamophobia,  yet as Hasan noted, Trump did little to address that in his remarks and once again made no mention of the killer.

When the killer is Muslim, Hasan pointed out, Trump is quick to call them “scum,” “animals” and denounce them as evil.

However, when it is a white supremacist, “he doesn’t say anything.”

Earlier, Hasan also pointed out that Trump’s rhetoric wasn’t toned down even hours after the horrific New Zealand attack.

“He called migrants ‘invaders,’ Hasan stressed, adding the alleged shooter used the same phrase. “For the president to use that language a few hours later is disgusting and inexcusable.”

Watch above,  via CNN.

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