CNN Debate on GOP Deadline for Kavanaugh Accuser Erupts: ‘Don’t Speak to Me Like That!’


A CNN panel spiraled into a shouting match Thursday over a recent sexual assault accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh, who is in the midst of confirmation hearings to sit on the Supreme Court, has been facing growing controversy following claims from former classmate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that he drunkenly groped her when the two were in high school, attempting to take off her clothes.

Questions remain as to whether both will testify before the Senate on the matter, however, CNN political commentator Symone Sanders blasted lawmakers for not focusing more attention on Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend who Ford said was also in the room during the alleged attack.

“How could they effectively want to hear from Dr. Ford and effectively want to get answers, get to the bottom of this without hearing from Mark Judge?” Sanders asked on Jake Tapper‘s State of the Union, slamming the Judiciary Committee for failing to conduct “a serious investigation under oath.”

That’s when the network’s Amanda Carpenter jumped in, stating Ford “asked for this first.”

“Hold on. Everyone thought she was serious because she went to the members of Congress. She took a polygraph and talked to The Washington Post and then she said I’m willing to testify. So Republicans are perfectly within their rights to say, ‘OK, let’s make this happen in a timely manner,’ and given the threats in this environment, I think it becomes even more important that they reach a speedy resolution.”

Both Kavanaugh and Ford have received death threats within recent days, according to CNN.

“Are you saying that it is in Dr. Ford’s best interest and her safety that Republicans were asking her to testify on Monday?” Sanders asked Carpenter. “That is a bunch of B.S.”

The discussion then became even more heated, Carpenter shooting back with, “Don’t speak to me like that! I’m interested in everyone’s safety. Don’t say I’m spewing B.S.”

“I am going there because the stakes are too high,” Sanders responded, adding that “to assert that Dr. Ford is being treated fairly I think is disingenuous” due to the comments of certain Republicans “disparaging her character” and stating Kavanaugh’s confirmation remained safe in light of the accusation.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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